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Julia Rose Brownlee launched RICIA in 2017 after finding it impossible to buy anything luxurious to wear to weddings and occasions while breastfeeding her two little ones. RICIA's classic styles mean they can be worn for years to come and all have the option of discreet breastfeeding. While Julia Rose would love for all mamas to feel comfortable getting their boobs out in public, she would never want to exclude the women who don’t.





                                      Seems expensive? RICIA garments are made from quality fabrics because why should new mums not have the option to wear silk? All RICIA pieces are hand-made in London and everyone involved in the creation of each piece has been paid fairly. This is incredibly important to the ethos of RICIA as we have worked with some kick-ass mum-bosses along the way. 

Julia Rose Brownlee, Ricia Clothing
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